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Workflow Automation

With the increasing compliance and auditory rules being applied to your business workflow, the way you do your work will likely need to change. 

If you are using spreadsheets and other manual tools to keep track of procedural data and work flows, you may not be able to pass a regulatory audit.

We can help. Ask Payson to build an automated workflow system that captures your data and activity in a controlled web application that will pass auditory scrutiny.


Remote Applications and Direct Access

Provide your staff with access to business software and computer resources when they are away from the office.


Payson will build a secure solution that is easy to use and requires no complicated software. Control access to any resource on your network with any level of granularity.  

Payson has been deploying Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway solutions of all sizes for nearly a decade. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

VoIP for Businesses of Any Size

Leverage the power of the Cloud and your internet service to save money on the latest hosted voice technologies. Conferencing, call monitoring, direct extension dialing to any phone in the system are all standard features. And so much more.  

Easily integrate multiple office locations into a unified system, as well as give remote workers the same great features of the office phone system on compatible phones in their home offices.

Working with our communication service partners, Payson can help your business select and implement the most appropriate Voice Over IP solution at the best possible price.

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